Canadian National Railways CNR Hudson #5700

One of only five 4-6-4’s owned by Canadian National, #5700 is the centrepiece of our collection. Originally numbered 5703, she was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1930 for high speed passenger service in CN’s Montreal to Windsor corridor. She could only pull eight to ten coaches but was capable of speeds over 100 mph.

Originally slated to be scrapped at the end of the steam era in 1960, 5703 received new lease on life when the original 5700, which was marked for preservation, accidentally had a cutting torch taken to it.

Realizing their mistake, Canadian National pulled 5703 from the scrap line and renumbered it 5700.


In the mid-60’s 5700 was placed on display inside the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa where it sat for the next 20 years 

In 1988 the city of St. Thomas was in the market for a steam locomotive to serve as a symbol as the city’s railway heritage, and 5700 was available when the museum in Ottawa declared it surplus. With the help of the local Member of Parliament at the time, 5700 was transported to St. Thomas and the Elgin County Railway Museum was born.

The only other Canadian National Hudson to survive is 5702 which is currently on display at the Exporail in Delson, Quebec.

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