New York Central Railroad Pullman Sleeper #10075 “Cascade Lane”

Cascade Lane is a ‘10-5’ sleeper car (meaning it had 10 single rooms and 5 double rooms) built in 1939 by the Pullman Car Company of Chicago. The Pullman company leased the sleeper to the New York Central Railroad (NYC) as #10075.
In 1944, the Pullman Car Company lost an anti-trust lawsuit which was filed by the U.S. Department of Justice to separate the company’s sleeping car operations from its manufacturing operations. The Pullman company was ordered to divest itself of either the manufacturing or operating activities.
After several years of negotiations, Pullman sold the Cascade Lane Sleeper to the New York Central Railroad in 1948. Then, in 1959, NYC sold the sleeper to Canadian Pacific (CP) who renamed it “Brookdale.”
CP retired the sleeper car in 1968 and donated it the Canadian Railway Historical Association in Delson, Quebec. In 1993, the CRHA declared it surplus and donated it to the Elgin County Railway Museum.

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